Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'd like to thank the academy.

Holy catfish you guys. Look what I got yesterday.

This is the first time my writing has been recognized since that time Highlights Magazine printed my stirring poem "A Dandelion" back when I really truly was a little girl with big glasses. But I was published, baby. And every kid who went to the dentist in April 1973 knew about it.

This award, however, comes from the very talented and entertaining Heather over at Heatherty Featherty. Heather has not only said very nice things about me, I am pretty sure she actually believes them. I know, right? Heather has two cute little boys but in a crazy twist of fate, makes totally adorable girl clothes. And, she has perfect grammar. But probably the most amazing thing about her is that she is THE ONLY COOL HEATHER I've ever met. So I think that possibly her name is a big mistake or somehow she was switched at the hospital with an evil baby who is now wreaking havoc everywhere being named something perfectly innocent like "Susie" or "Nancy" or, I don't know, "Penny."

Just like Miss America, this award does not come without responsibility. I have been charged with granting it to others who strive daily to change the world for the better, one little blog post at a time. Therefore, I don my tiara and hereby sprinkle pixie dust and virtual awards on the following blogs that amuse me:

Funny in the 'Hood - Geezopizza, I am pretty sure Tracey and I were either separated at birth or lived parallel lives in the 80s. She is high-larious and has some wacky neighbors that make you want to drive to Iowa just so's you can slap 'em. Her "Friday Flashback" is always awesome, and I'm thinking of stealing the concept, so when you see me do it, pretend like I made it up, k?

Yellow Trash Diaries - This woman certainly doesn't need me to help boost her ratings. She's a funny writer and last week had a contest with Libby for followers, and is now the hottest thing on the Internet. Well, the hottest adopted Korean blogger who lives in the South anyway, and I think that is saying A LOT. She's honest and funny and funny and honest. I'm not quite through reading every word she's ever typed, but almost. I think if she lived next door, we'd have a bunch of fun ridiculing others together.

So - you guys, pass it on if you can. Thanks for entertaining me when I should be writing genius copy and reconciling advertising invoices. And thanks, Heather, for deep down being a Susie. I'll try not to get a big head. I wouldn't want to outgrow the tiara.


  1. Extremely cool! Making us all laugh out loud deserves recognition. Plus, we've now been introduced to at least three more fabulous blogs.

  2. Still giggling over here. You know they almost named me Heidi. Which always makes me think of the movie Igor.

    "Jacquelyn, Heidi, Jacquelyn, Heidi"

    I guess if the regular working mom gig didn't work out I could have gone porn star. That's the other option for Heathers, you know.

  3. My dad always joked that I should've been named Heidi, b/c my maiden name is Heede...pronounced Heedee - so he thought it would be awesome if people could say Howdy Heidi Heede to me. Awesome, indeed.

  4. Aw Penne, thank you!!!! It's true, you are my long lost other twin. You make wine come out my nose everytime I read your blog because I am laughing so hard. Thanks dude, you rock!!!

  5. Now I'm all blushy. And my husband says I've been walking around with a big head all day. Thanks for the ego boost!

  6. Congratulations! An award well-earned.

    Heather, if you go for the porn route, you'll need to add to your name and make it Heather Lynn. They're all Something Lynn. Good luck with that, ha!

  7. Baby, those bangs were made for a tiara. I can't think of another blogger who deserves a big head more.

  8. Baby, those bangs were made for a tiara.

  9. Oh Lordy be. Can't figure out how these Interweb thingys work. Realized my first comment was a bit weird and tried to edit it and now I'm filling up YOUR WHOLE COMMENT SECTION. Sorry 'bout that.

    Bangs. Tiara. Good.



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