Friday, October 8, 2010

Q&A for some of the residents in my home.

Q:  Where is the laundry chute located?
A:  In the upstairs hallway, directly behind the pile of your dirty clothes.

Q:  You want a bowl of cereal, but when you look in the cabinet, there are no clean bowls. What do you do?
A:  Eat directly from the box. Preferably in the living room. Laying on your back while watching MTV2.

Q: Two cute girls from school are standing on the front porch. They want to jump on the trampoline with you, but you've not picked up the dog poop in the backyard for two days. What do you do?
A: Who cares? You're watching MTV2 and eating cereal.

Q:  You're returning to the living room after fetching another box of cereal. How can you determine exactly where you were laying before?
A:  By the outline of your body made of cereal crumbs and the empty box.

Q: Where is your underwear drawer located?
A: Look in your room for a large piece of wooden furniture under a pile of electronics, empty cereal boxes and remote-controlled vehicles. Lift the stack of folded underwear and you'll find a pair of pajama pants. Lift the legs of the pajama pants and you'll see the top drawer.  You'll know it is the right one if it is completely empty.


  1. You have a laundry chute?

    That. Is. AWESOME!

  2. Hey! Do you know I do not have an email for you??

    Well: my broken nose. Got hit SO DANG HARD on the side of my face like from 2 ft away during a scrimmage parents soccer game 4 years ago.

    The cartilage healed, but the bone across the top is growing spurs.

    I would like to have it "planed down" but ins won't cover and it cost 5 thousand dollars!!!

    So, yeah, in the right light...all bumpity bumpity..

    how are you?????

    Thanks for your adorable comment today. (-:

  3. P.S> I am going to print this out..."To the residents of this house, yeah--all you 4 guys that live here with me.."


    It is those memories that keep me from missing the kids at all.

  5. Don't have the experience of male children, but the adult male husband fits a lot of the Q&A



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