Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Though I try to spend a little time each day looking around and just being grateful for all that is right in my world (healthy and charming children, cute husband, a house that is neither too big or too small, honest employment and not one - but two - count them two bulldogs) I just haven't been able to shake the nagging feeling that something is missing.  And even with countless hours of introspection and retrospection and perusing of the IKEA catalog I could simply not put my finger on it.

Is this what they call midlife crisis? A void, an emptiness in an otherwise full and fulfilling life?

I didn't want a boyfriend.

I didn't want a convertible.

I didn't want to eat, pray or go to India.

I was flummoxed, flapping in the breeze like a tea towel on Aunt Bea's clothesline.

Until now.

Because this morning, I woke up with laser sharp focus. I know why I was put here. I know what the missing piece is.

Because while I have gray boots, black boots, cowboy boots, brown boots, riding boots, snow boots, engineer boots, clogs that look like boots and even white patent leather go-go boots...

I do not have red boots.

Correction. I do not have red boots YET.


  1. Those are very nice boots indeed.

  2. You are going to rock those red boots. And if you're done with your white go-go ones...

  3. I have a boot, scarf, bra, cotton sock, wallet, cozy blanket, tennis shoe addiction.

  4. You are STILL adorable! I just made my blog live again after a way long hiatus and wanted to come say hello, see what you're up to!



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