Thursday, November 6, 2008

Haiku Thursday.

It's that time again...the most exciting day on the Internet!

Please remember to comment in haiku. The best comment I get will win a fabulous prize. Okay, not really. It will just be some kind words of praise on a blog with tens of readers. Oh, and I might send you some dryer sheets if I get around to it. (But not that kind with the little bear on it, he creeps me out.) Because this week's topic is....

Forbidden words: Agitator, Lint Trap

Okay. Here's mine:

Polyester sock
Tumbling in the dryer's heat
Damn you, static cling.

Alrighty then. It's your turn.


  1. Lather, rinse, repeat
    Woops, wrong damn subject
    Man I hate skidmarks!

    Cha-ching! Score one more Penne!

  2. There was an old man
    who got tired of limericks
    but hated Haiku

    So why did he try
    There is no laundry in limerick
    That is an old man

    Stinky socks mud on jeans
    swoosh swirl splash slosh spin
    ready to go again

    So, we are not writers, o.k.?

  3. Ten loads of laundry
    Demand attention today
    Can't they wear it twice?

  4. Mountain on my bed
    Tomorrow I'll do bedsheets
    This is just towels



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