Monday, April 20, 2009

For your listening pleasure.

Last Friday I was trying to work from home because kids had ANOTHER day off from school and taking them to the office in a blizzard didn't sound particularly effective. I spent the morning carrying my laptop hither and yon trying to get out of the cleaning lady's way and intermittently screeching at children to get out of her way and to get out of the places she'd already cleaned so that maybe they'd actually STAY clean for a few minutes. Finally, I'd banished them to the basement, wrangled all the dogs down there with them and was sitting on the staircase trying to respond to emails from work. As I scowled at the screen she asked me “Will this vacuum bother you, honey?” I replied, “No. Actually, hearing the sound of someone else operating it brings me to orgasm.” She just looked at me awkwardly, sprayed a little Lysol on the handle and made a mental note to work on her resume.


  1. LOL, you crack me up. I appreciate laughing.

  2. Wow. That just made me thing of how many times I've actually run the vacuum recently vs. how many times I've had an orgasm recently. Now I'm horny but my carpets need vacuumed.

  3. I once asked my cleaning lady to kill a spider that was so big and scary I didn't have the guts to kill it myself.

    When we built our new house we had to let her go because our new budget didn't allow for a cleaning lady anymore.


  4. Wow. I really need a cleaning lady.



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