Friday, September 11, 2009

Just make things easier on everyone and make all your passwords be "password."

Have you ever looked out of your window and seen someone sitting on the street in front of your house on their computer? If you have a unsecured wireless internet connection, that person is in a Toyota pickup, listening to Depeche Mode and frantically typing their ass off to meet a deadline, c'mon out and say HI! It's just me.

I am an stalker expert on unsecured wireless internet connections. I can sniff 'em out. This is because I spend most every evening of my life waiting for a child at a sports practice. I used to wait nicely in a folding chair, socialize with other parents, maybe even read a book. But one day I forgot the book and I sat in the chair thinking only "OH MY GAWD I AM SO BEHIND AT WORK I CANNOT BELIEVE I'M WASTING ALL THIS TIME JUST SITTING HERE ENJOYING MY CHILD'S FLEETING YOUTH." So the next night, instead of sharing cocktails with the other football mommies, I packed a laptop and a cooler for myself (much cheaper than sharing, btw) and cruised the streets around the park for my fix of sweet sweet internet.

For a price, I can tell you where to get the juice - but you've got to be discreet about it. One of my favorite high-speed highs figured out that there was a line of minivans outside his house and went all locked and shit on me. So, "LandsbergsLAN" - you asshole, don't be surprised if you find a couple of empty Bass bottles and some Toyota tiremarks on your lawn some Thursday evening.

Next to an unsecured wireless network, I love me some home set-up security. I don't even try to figure out the bullshit WEP key stuff that real networks have, however, my children play baseball at a park next to a little building full of offices and apartment buildings, and it's quite entertaining to try and guess those people's passwords. There's one guy who calls his modem "JUICYFRUIT" and I haven't broken his code yet, but I am having a very good time trying. Besides the obvious gum references, there's a lotta good material there. One night as I sat with my lap overheated from a tired MacBook, I was growing desperate. I hadn't been able to get any unsecured networks, there wasn't a Starbucks for blocks and my battery was low. I found a modem called "MICHELLE." I looked to the darkening sky for inspiration, looked down and tapped in MAY10.

And I was fricking in. That night I was as close to God's grace as I'll likely ever be.

Anyway - because of this shit and more - the high-speed wireless internet at our house is completely unsecure. C'mon by. I'm guessing you're not gonna hack into my computer and steal pictures of my bulldog. You just wanna check your damned email and that's cool with me. Enjoy the shade, surf some stuff. It's on me. Just paying it forward, y'know. You're welcome.


  1. Mine at home is so secure that I can't even remember the password. I had to write it down and anytime anyone comes over to use their computer they look at me like I'm nuts.

    My boyfriend's is unsecure and we haven't had any problems.

    I like your attitude.

  2. My husband is in IT so God himself couldn't get onto our network. Hell, when the power goes out or something I can't even get on our network. I just sit there angry at the computer and the world until he gets home and fixes it in 2 seconds.

    Internet is my crack and he is my dealer.

  3. Hehe. Enjoying our children's fleeting youth is pretty pointless sometimes, isn't it? There are BILLS to be FILED.

  4. If my husband ever reads this, I will never convince him that wireless is GOOD.
    However, I am the PC nazi in the house so there will never be accessible WiFi streaming from my house. My kindness does extend so far!

  5. I steal wireless from inside my house. Don't ask me how I do it. It just happens. & it's all "You are about to be all up on an unsecure network. Some peeps might start stealin your shit, yo" & I'm all "Whatevs! Wonder how fast can I type "".
    I'm too chicken-shit to try to figure out someone's password, so if LUGLAN ever locks me out, I'll cease to exist.



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