Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ohemgee. I'm kind of a big deal on the Internet.

If you're like me, you probably forgot that I have a blog. This blog right here, in fact. You're likely blocking it from your memory because you cannot stand to read that story about how my dog died ONE MORE TIME. I know I can't. However, what you probably do NOT know is that while poor little LGBG has been lifeless (get it, lifeless? Because the dog DIED, right?) I have been flitting all about the worldwide web, spreading my own special brand of joy. JOY, people. Friggin look happy already!

First of all, I was the proud winner of some super sweet business cards on Catootes.  Of course, I have not designed them yet, but when I do, they will be SUPER SWEET. And, I shall pass them about whenever someone says "What's your blog? Why is it called that? Wha?"

Nextly, I was a little preoccupied with launching a little 112-page website for work. Not really a great excuse, but not really a bad one either, because holy crap - 112 pages. With 40 gazillion pictures. And a bunch of forms, and at least 19 people telling me immediate edits to make. If you see a typo on it, keep it to yourself, pretty please. When you're drinking later this evening, feel free to peruse it in all its loveliness and then send a comment form telling how fricking beautiful it is and how the marketing director must be A GENIUS. But, dudes, use your own words or something. Just make them be sort of synonymous with genius. K, thanks.

And lastly - and this is the part where my amazing level of fame-itude comes into play...I was the featured topic on a website about  FABULOUS THINGS.  Yeah, you heard me, every boy who ever broke up with me. I am fabulous. People who KNOW fab, they know me. And they think I'm fab. Also, I totally have shiny hair, as this post attests. I'm really going out on a limb sharing this link, since I like to just be the little cartoony avatar person over in the corner, and the HowFab post actually features real live unedited photos of moi, but I like living on the edge. Also, since Kara of HowFab lives in San Francisco, is hip and has unlimited fashionability, if she wants to steal photos off my Facebook page and put them on her website, who am I to keep her unique brand of Internet Gold to myself? Also, please go buy cards from her and she will send you a very nice moustache for FREE that you will find very handy in many situations.  Like, for example, your wedding photos.

That would be Ms. Fab herself, at her wedding, with her Fab British husband. Because all the very hip people marry foreigners. But not foreigners that speak a different language, because that'd be a pain in the ass.

I promise I will still write you little stories even though I'm totally famous with business cards now. Really I will, because deep down, I love you little people. You made me the Internet sensation I am today.


  1. And I'm first!!!

    Got some things to do this morning then I'm totally heading back to peruse.

  2. Wow, Jules! I feel all important that you're happy you are first. Of course, I am still getting used to my incredible fame...

  3. Damn! Now I'm famous too. And, suddenly there's all of this pressure to post something fabulous and look fabulous and just be fabulous, you know? It's like, please! Take a step back, Internet fans! I'm just trying to live a "normal" life!

    Send me a biz card, will ya? I'd like proof I knew you when.

  4. HowFab - Proof you knew me when...I got business cards?

  5. Exactly. And they better have a nice, long title on them. Director of...the World, perhaps?

  6. SENIOR Director of All Things Directable Seniorly

  7. When you design your business cards, will you design mine too?

    Love the site, by the way, Directress.

  8. Oh, and, yeah. The website is BEAUTIFUL. You get to work there... I want to move in! I went right from the home page to the rates page, and you can take THAT kinda website action straight to the bank.

  9. Well my first comment didn't post because I'm a dork and I didn't realize that I had to do the word verif thingaling after hitting "post comment".

    Anyway. Your hair is SUPER shiny! And I love Fab now and I'm getting a neat mustache too, yay!

  10. Wow, I say, wow. That guy WAS creepy. But the gifts were a nice perk.



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