Monday, May 24, 2010

And she didn't even charge me a co-pay.

Real live conversation I just had with neighbor Spanxy.

Spanxy: Do you feel better yet?

Me: Nope. But I slammed some theraflu and whiskey last night and antibiotics today. It's mostly just in my throat.

Spanxy: Oh my gosh, do you still have your tonsils?

Me: Yes.

Spanxy: THAT'S IT! They're a breeding ground for germs. You gotta get rid of them.

Me: My dad had his removed, and they grew back.

Spanxy: Yeah, so did Mr. Spanxy. But no one noticed because he's a middle child.

Me: I'm a middle child. Maybe that's why I have tonsils.

Spanxy: Well. You can't get them out now. You'll die.

Me: I'll die?

Spanxy: Yeah. Only kids can handle it.

Me: So, don't get them out?

Spanxy: Nope. You're too old. But hurry and get better, we've got a holiday weekend coming up.

Me. Right. Okay. I will.


  1. You can still get them out. And make sure to keep them to freak out neighborhood kids.

  2. My mother used to generously use whiskey when we were kids, heated, with lemon and sugar - the hot toddy for kids! Tonsils - they would not take mine out no matter how much I complained. Dr told me very high risk surgery for adults. Keep drinking those shots and feel better!

  3. I had mine out when I was 15 and managed to have complications. Eighteen days after my surgery my throat randomly started bleeding to the point where I had to be taken in for an emergency cauterization. My doctor told me that really never happens and he didn't have an answer to why it did. Lots of fun.

    Hope you feel better!

  4. Wait. What? They grow back??? What are some kind of mutant body part or something? Is it weird that this totally freaks me out?

  5. Your neighbor is freakishly wise...good thing she lives so close by!

  6. hahahhaha. oh no!!!!!!! I was thinking of getting my tonsils removed and now you just ruined everything for me! Or better said, your neighbor did. :( lol

  7. Bwahahaha!

    I do hope you are feeling better now.

  8. THEY CAN GROW BACK?! I had mine out when I was five. Docs thought it was a problem with my brain, but NOPE! Just tonsils.

    I'm sure you could get them out as an adult... Haha. I hope you start feeling better very soon or at least find some way to cope. It's pouring rain here now. Nothing more comforting than that! I will cue the rain for you if you like, or send my dog over for a cuddle.



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