Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Left to their own devices, they're somewhat resourceful.

If I have learned anything in the past twelve years, it is when someone shorter than I am says, "MOM? Do we have any string?" to simply ignore it.

Same goes for duct tape, gun powder or extension cords. This morning, the little dudes were in their rooms for an inordinate amount of time considering they're both scared of being more than four feet from one of us at any given time, so I was growing suspicious. I asked what was up, they claimed to be feeding pet turtles, so I tiptoed away before they remembered they might possibly need me for something.

Moments later, a breathless blonde child appeared behind me at my desk. "MOM? Do we have any string?"

Me: Nope.
Kid: Are you sure? Because we need some.
Me: Sorry, buddy, you used it all up when you whittled the bow that shoots chicken skewers, remember?
Kid: Hmm. How about in your sewing stuff? Do you have yarn or something?
Me: Feeling like knitting?
Kid: Ma-ohm! Just tell me!
Kid #2 from upstairs: MILES! HURRY UP!
Kid: Oh - Gotta go.

At this point, I could've stopped earning a living to go check on them, but since there were no smoke detectors or other immediate sounds of danger, I forgot about it.

Thirty minutes later, I hear giggling and follow it to find the very first TURTLEVATOR, created from paper clips, mardi gras beads and a pipe cleaner. No string required.

Meet Howie, Turtle Astronaut. Safely returned to terra firma and super grateful to have not been sent down the laundry chute.


  1. Howie, you're a good turtle.

  2. Jeremiah and I were upstairs rearranging the kids' rooms and there was a TON of giggling going on downstairs. At the time I thought that it was a good thing that there was so much giggling, 'at least they're getting along'.

    My then five year old Olivia yelled from downstairs, 'MOM, JEREMIAH, HELP US! MAX IS STUCK IN A BOOBY TRAP!'

    We ran downstairs to find our whole downstairs area from gameroom to kitchen wrapped in two whole skeins of yarn. It was like one of those laser mazes that are in front of pieces of art in famous museums abroad. It took an hour to cut through and unravel.

  3. Haha! That's pretty hardcore. Can I come over and play?

    Wait, scratch that. I'll send my kid instead. I'll help you hide all the string.

  4. When my kids were in their early teens the neighbor told me that one day they were out playing with aerosol cans and lighters. He saw them but was too afraid to approach them.

    Be thankful it's only string.

  5. You have to give them points for innovation, that for certain.

  6. LOL! I have boys of my own. I know your daily joy

  7. I showed this post to Matthew and now he desperately wants to have a playdate with the little dudes. He thinks the turtlevator is awesome!!

  8. I can't wait til my kids are old enough to come up with their own version of the turtlevator?

  9. Hey, sounds like you're raising engineers. Have them go on QVC with this invention and you'll all be sitting pretty!



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