Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lenny Kravitz and me hanging out in 1992. And by "Lenny Kravitz" I totally mean "Merle Haggard."

I'm pretty sure Lenny wanted to hang out with me that night in Branson, Missouri, but he was sort of busy being married to Denise Huxtable just then and she was all, shall we say, "possessive," so he sadly, very sadly, had to stay home and work on their marital dreadlocks or whatever.

Fortunately, Merle had the good sense to recognize the absolute artistry of a good spiral perm with mall bangs and the fashion know-how it requires to pull off a v-neck floral tee.

I think he looks super psyched.


  1. Oh my God, you are famous!!! Is Merle high? 'Cause he looks totally high. I love your shirt and your hair. I had both so I know how totally smokin' hot the combo can be. No wonder you reeled in Lenny, um I mean Merle. He's high, right? He also looks like there might be something wrong with his liver. I can just tell.

  2. Color me jealous! Merle Haggard AND a spiral perm! I never had hair long enough for a spiral perm, but I wanted one in the worst way.

    Yeah, he definitely looks high.

  3. I do believe that is his excited face. You should see him when he's mad.

  4. There should be a nerdboyfriend clothing breakdown at the bottom...

  5. Nothing against you but Merle is sporting a Day-Old Oatmeal look in this photo.

  6. I saw Merle recently on a CBS Morning show profile, apparently he packs heat at all times, even when sitting in his recliner.

    That is a great photo!



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