Monday, July 5, 2010

This might be why people in other countries think we're spoiled.

Behold my younger son. You may remember him from an earlier post where we had to staple his head shut.

We call him Pete, which is totally not his name, but it really fits him, so we go with it. Sometimes you just name your kid the wrong thing, that's all. This picture was taken four years ago, when he was six and on a golf team with a bunch of bigger kids. I was dropping him off for a tee time and he noticed this sign.

My older son, being of extremely ethical character like his father, would've seen this sign and been worried that he shouldn't play. My younger son, being of my character, thought it was awesome that we were breakin' the rules, man, and thought we should document it with a photo. This will probably not serve him well in life - I'm trying to teach him that it's generally better to hide the evidence - but for minor infractions that don't include incarceration and/or fines, I like to play along.

Last week, he played the same course where the photo was taken, but this time instead of just nine holes like he's used to, he played all 18 for the first time ever. It's a long course, and he was out there in 90+ degrees for about five hours.  Afterwards, we went to celebrate (because I always favor celebration over dinner making) at our local watering hole.

For your reading pleasure, the following conversation ensued.

Pete: I am STARVING.

Waiter Guy: You're not starving, Pete, you're hungry. Kids in Africa are starving.

Pete: Yeah? Well, did any kids in Africa play 18 holes of golf today? Well? Huh? That's right. I thought not.

At least he's not shy.


  1. The waiter guy corrected him? Pssshhh...I'm so not down with that. Unless it means I don't have to make dinner, in which case, correct away.

  2. You and Pete would fit right in in our 'hood. Also, this post cracked me up. I wish we lived closer to you guys. I just know big dude and cowboy Dave would totally hit it off and our kids would become life long friends. Even though she's a girl Lauren could totally hang with the boys. Are you putting your house on the market or am I?

  3. Haha! He'll perfect that argument soon enough. Then he'll be unstoppable!

    But yeah, the waiter was way douchey for the initial comment.

  4. I like Pete's thought process. Awesome.

  5. apple doesnt fall far from the tree.



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