Wednesday, July 21, 2010

And for a few brief moments, they forgot all about their mandatory summer reading list.

The little dudes had friends over for the afternoon this week and it was too hot to go swimming. Not too hot to swim, to hot to GO swimming. Apparently, the heat radiating off the two tree-lined blocks between our house and the pool was just too much to endure.

So they plopped themselves down in front of MTV. Which I totally don't allow, because if MTV wasn't invented when I had long boring summers, then there's no way I'll let my children enjoy it. I also make them walk uphill to school. Both ways. In patent leather maryjanes.

So they asked to Slip-n-Slide. Which Big Dude promptly shut down. It smashes the grass, doncha know. (Big Dude hails from a long line of Nebraska fluffygrass farmers. We have very fluffygrass.)

So they did the obvious thing that any child would immediately think of. They coated the trampoline in dishsoap and put the sprinkler under it. Instant waterpark, baby.

However, they learned that the sprinkler dissipates the dishsoap too quickly. Not their words. I put those words in there so that it would seem like I somehow turned their fun into a science lesson. Which I totally did not.  I wouldn't dare impart knowledge to them over the summer.

They solved their dilemma after much hypothesizing and experimentation. Okay, sorry. That's not true either. What happened was one flopping sopping giant middle schooler slipped (and slid!) through the house and retrieved the Mr. Bubble, while another disconnected the sprinkler, attached the sprayer, and bungee-corded the hose to the side of the trampoline.

It's like they're engineers. Water engineers. Forget it. I give up. They're just normal kids. Sigh.

Normal kids who dive like freakin' Superman!

 Nicely taking turns. Because we raised 'em right. Although this particular child isn't mine. So really, HIS parents raised him right.

Sideways turns. Technically more difficult, but you'll get a higher score from the Czech judge.

It's important to make sweet surfing faces whilst doing this.    Somewhere, someone is humming the theme to Hawaii 5-O right now. Oh, it's me. Whenever I hear the Theme to Hawaii 5-O, I always immediately think of Kojak. Because I wasn't allowed to watch either show. I was like 4 at the time. I then immediately think of Mannix, which I claimed to be my favorite show from age 3 to 9, even though every episode I'd ever watched was through the crack of my bedroom door. It came on at 9 o'clock, and that was bedtime in those parts.
Thumbs up for Mommy! (That's probably not what he was thinking at all. In reality he was thinking, "Mom, please do not put this on Facebook and tag me. I'm not wearing a shirt and all the little middle school girls will see it.") Don't worry, dude. It's not on Facebook. Not on Facebook at all.
Raised by children o' the 80s, my offspring are adept at the Robot and many other superfly dances.
Even in mid-air. I bet Bell Biv DeVoe is in his head right now. No, wait, that's me again.

Dude's got hops.

15 Style Points.

They're completely itchy and I'm out of all liquid soap products, but there were no lawsuits, so I called it a good day. Hooray for summer.


  1. haha! Great action shots! Never woulda thought about putting SOAP on the trampoline!

  2. Was reading patiently to get to the hospital trip. Seriously? No injuries? Tell them to do it again and get it right this time :)

  3. While the thought of making a trampoline soapy--slippery!--gives me anxiety, I love everything about this! I really hope the soap didn't get on the fluffygrass ! (this is totally what my husband would be thinking...he's a fluffygrasser too)

  4. OMG, I'm so with Kristine's husband and I was totally worried about the grass and all the soap and that's of course because I'm from a family from Nebraska.

  5. Sorry to have worried all you other fluffygrass farmers! The trampoline is actually NOT on grass. Because then the grass underneath wouldn't get the proper sunlight. Therefore, the trampoline is in the way-back yard...where the dogs live...which is all pea-gravel. Or in this case, pee-gravel.

  6. I was going to say my boys would have loved this when they were that age. But truth be told, they would love it now (27 and 20!) Boys really never grow up.

    Pee-gravel! *snicker*

  7. I also got a little bit of anxiety over the thought of a slippery trampoline and trips to the ER.

    The pictures are awesome and the boys must have been SO CLEAN!!

  8. This is very dangerous. One of them could have easily slipped and landed on their necks on the side of the trampoline or slipped, then bounced off, landing forcefully to the ground. This is a broken neck or serious head injury waiting to happen.

    What goes through your mind to make you think this was a good, safe idea? And how can you enjoy watching them do this? One would think you would stop it or at least be crippled with anxiety by it. I'm disgusted with your enthusiasm about this and the jokes your commenters have made.

    "Thumbs up for mommy." -- Seriously? Of course they think it's cool, but that doesn't make it safe. You're supposed to keep them safe because they're kids and obviously don't understand the potential consequences. And for some reason your biggest concern as a parent is MTV...

  9. oh dear god.. your insurance person has just closed her eyes!!

  10. Now that's some ingenuity! Bungee cords, soap, Mr. Bubble, the hose, those are my kind of kids!

  11. My children never thought about adding the "suds". The sprinkler underneath was a summer standby. The grass was always greener under the trampoline. (might make a good title for a C&W song) Lindy

  12. Loveable Homebody - My boys are extremely athletic, big, strong kids who are on this trampoline for hours every single day. They were surrounded by padding and and their mommy who was right there the entire time. The trampoline is a long rectangle, professional model gymnastics trampoline with plenty of room for one guy to bounce and never ever land anywhere near the edge. They were only sliding on it, with me right there while the soap was on the bed of the tramp. When the bubbles were completely gone, and the trampoline no longer slippery - I let them jump. I took the pictures from down low so they looked higher. Wet trampolines are a part of summer, and for kids that are experienced jumpers with sure legs under them, they are no more dangerous than a dry trampoline, just cooler. Thanks for worrying about them, though.

  13. OH, I have to show this to my kids. They will love this!

    We'll have to adjust for the round trampoline, but this likes super summer fun.

  14. Looks like fun! Where on earth did they get the idea to use soap? Crazy kids. At least they were having good CLEAN fun! Ha! Did someone say that already? Because if they did, I thought of it first.

    I miss Bel Biv De Voe. Whatever happened to them anyways?



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