Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Color my world.

Do you guys know what Pantone is? Being in a designer-y, advertising-y, creative-y type marketing sort of career, I live by it - it's basically a universally accepted ink color that printers use. In the old days of graphic design, like before computers, I got my first Pantone Matching System color books, and they still sit on my desk.

Way back then, they were called PMS colors...for Pantone Matching System - because the other PMS hadn't been invented yet either. Nowadays, even brides use it so that their napkins match their shoes that match their flowers that match their hair ties that match their fiances boxers.

I love Pantone because it helps my little world make sense. My bulldog is Pantone 465C. The chocolate labradork is 469C. That's why they look so nice laying next to each other on my living rug, which is shades of both those tones as well as a graduated DM292-5.

My subconcious need to identify every color I see by PMS number is second only to my font neurosis, whereby I cannot read any text on any sign, book, magazine or T shirt without first identifying the font it's printed in. Now you know why I'm always late.

And, you can see why I am now obsessed with visiting this hotel. And living there. Forever. It makes my head not hurt.

The Pantone Hotel in Brussels.
Yes, it will be a long commute, but can you just picture a 465C bulldog on that bed?


  1. Actually, no. I can't picture a 465C anything.

    I am soooo not one of the color cool guys.

  2. I don't from all the pantone colors, but I SO want to go there with you and bring my bulldog, too.

    What PMS is she??
    Hopefully, she's not the shitty kind of PMS that I am.

  3. Back in the day when I had no wrinkles and my butt didn't sag, I worked in graphic design. Can you belie that? I had that neat little flipcharty thing that held all the pantone color chips. And I used Quark. I {heart} Pantone too.

  4. Back when I sold outdoor advertising I, too, was SO proud of my 'PMS book.' I carried it on all of my sales calls and made sure all of the other sales types had one, too. Ours had 2 sections, one for ink colors (U for uncoated) and one for paint colors (C for coated) so our advertisers would be sure to get the color they wanted, whether for painted billboards or printed posters.



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