Thursday, October 23, 2008

Because every syllable counts.

Introducing the newest and most exciting theme day on the Internet that I just made up: Haiku Thursdays. Please leave me comments - but only in the form of the ancient poem known only by the most astute Japanese scholars, and all American second graders: Haiku.

You may choose the 5-7-5 method, or the 7-9-7. But I will like you more if you choose 5-7-5.

If you don’t comment, then I’ll know you’re JUST PLAIN SCARED.

Today’s topic: Puppies.
Forbidden words: Cute, Love.

Here's mine.

Puppy Chow breath wafts
Fuzzy balls have not yet dropped
Still you hump our guests.

Happy Haiku Thursday!

1 comment:

  1. Nose plunged 'tween legs, sniff!
    Back end races the front, woof!
    Scare me and I'll pee!

    Coach Miller



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